While there may be numerous indications of brain damage in patients who have sustained a traumatic brain injury, the manifestation of seizures after an accident in a person who has not previously experienced such a condition is a sign of brain damage.  Given the debilitating nature of epilepsy, much research is currently being conducted to produce better and more efficient drugs.

It is important for victims and loved ones to understand the classification of symptoms in relation to brain injuries.  “Immediate” (aka Impact) symptoms are felt at the time of the accident or blow to the head.  “Early” symptoms are experienced within a few days to weeks, and “Late” symptoms are felt within months to years of the injury.

Additionally, brain injuries can be classified depending upon extent of damage (i.e., mild, moderate, or severe).  Brain injuries may occur due to blunt trauma, or can result from an object penetrating the skull.  When the word “mild” is used to describe a brain injury, it often is meant to convey a lack of injury to the brain with few neurological symptoms present.  While doctors are not always able to pinpoint the exact means of injury, it is still important for the patient to convey all symptoms and events in relation to the injury for the best medical care.

Post-traumatic seizures (or epilepsy) is a particularly complex condition in relation to brain trauma, due to the intricacy of the human brain.  For instance, there may be multiple areas of the brain which are damaged, each with the capability of producing seizures.

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