In a presentation to Virginia trial lawyers, neuropsychologist James P. Wade said that the most important factor in a brain trauma case is the victim’s condition immediately after the injury.

Dr. Wade identified four factors that personal injury attorneys should take into consideration when evaluating a brain-related case:

  • Was the victim unconscious and if so,  for how long
  • Did the victim remember the incident or what happened immediately before and afterward
  • Any “hard” evidence such as a skull fracture, bleeding in the brain, or a seizure
  • the victim’s Glasgow coma scale (CGS) on a 0-15 range as measured by an EMT

Dr. Wade added that mild concussions can sometimes be too subtle to show up on CAT scans but can be detected by neuropsychological tests.

A test of this nature has three parts, each of which must be evaluated individually: organic (cognitive abilities), emotional (state of mind), and motivation (ability to comply with the tests).

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