A young child in England who fell from a changing table at daycare when he was a baby has received a large, confidential damages award presumed to be in the millions of pounds, according to news reports.

The boy, now six, suffered brain damage and is quadriplegic, requiring around-the-clock care. Last year, the boy received the equivalent of $2 million. This week, the British courts prior to the case going to trial approved an additional compensation package against multiple defendants, composed of what is said to be a substantial lump sum and periodic payments.

According to the BBC, the boy’s care “includes ventilation at night, tracheostomy support and feeding through a gastrostomy tube,” and that part of the additional settlement will be spent on modifications to the family home for his benefit.

This tragic story reaffirms that traumatic brain injuries can have far-reaching consequences on the victim as well as the victim’s loved ones. Victims may require constant, permanent care which often places an emotional as well as a financial burden upon the injured party along with family members. As a result of the potentially devastating nature of a blow to the head, representation by the best possible attorney is crucial for a fair recovery.

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