It is unfortunate, but every year there are thousands of truck accidents from one side of the country to the next. Most of them take place on major highways, but of course, this is not always the case.

There is a cause for every truck accident. Some of the most common include: driver fatigue, ignoring weather or traffic conditions, bad brakes or tires, mechanical failure, reckless driving, cell phone usage, speeding, not obeying the rules of the road, and driving under the influence. As you can see, most of these causes can be avoided by the driver.

If you have been involved in a truck accident you may have the right to receive compensation for your injuries. The only way you can do this is by hiring an attorney that specializes in truck accident cases. Even though it can take many years for a personal injury case to be settled, you don’t want to miss out on your chance to be compensated if you deserve it.

It is true that the majority of truck accidents are unintentional and may not be caused by one of the reasons listed above. But if you are the victim you may be entitled to some sort of payout to help with pain and suffering, medical bills, and regular expenses.

Being involved in a truck accident is a big deal. Find a lawyer with a proven track record for getting the victim monetary compensation.

If you were involved in a Virginia truck accident you need to know your legal rights. Do not hesitate to contact the lawyers at The Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe, P.C.


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