September 18, 2013

A fatal accident occurred on Route 460, Pruden Blvd at Gardner Lane, in Suffolk around 7 a.m. According to WVEC, one person was killed and six others were injured. The accident involved 6 vehicles and two tractor-trailers.

Three people were seriously injured. Two of those people were flown to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, while the third was taken by ambulance. Three other people were take to Sentara Obici Hosiptal with non-life threatening injuries. Sadly, one person was killed.

The accident is still under investigation, and no further details have been released.

According to statistics, crashes involving a car and a large truck (10,000 pounds or more), the odds are stacked against the car from the get-go. First, there is the vast size differential: large trucks are, on average, 20-30 times heavier than cars, and often much taller. The braking ability of these trucks also poses a problem to cars. After applying the brakes, trucks typically travel 20-40 percent farther than cars before reaching a stop.

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