The state of Virginia plans to increase a voluntary program in which transportation employers get notification of broader spectrum of traffic offenses that could disqualify their drivers from holding commercial licenses.

Only about 645 Virginia companies currently participate in the voluntary program in which they receive notification of worker traffic offense convictions. The Richmond Times-Dispatch explains:

The universe is about to expand for the voluntary program, which later this year will begin reporting a wider range of traffic offenses to companies that request almost instant notification of problems their drivers encounter on and off the job.

The idea is to give employers…better and more timely information about the people who drive their vehicles for a living.

“Whether you’re transporting people or freight, you should be held to a higher standard,” [DMV Commissioner] Holcomb said.

The  DMV wants to expand the program to include about 20,000 companies that employer CDL drivers along with about 24,000 companies that employ van and small commercial vehicle drivers.  Under the program, tentative called Drive Alert, employers would get the option of receiving a broad range of driving record information by e-mail.

Nearly 70,000 Virginians hold CDL licenses. Virginia school drivers are already subjects to mandatory employer notification of a wide range of traffic offenses, including reckless driving.


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