Gusty winds proved deadly for a Canadian kiteboarder riding in Pamlico Sound on Easter weekend. 

Ontario resident Timothy Holman was kiteboarding near Avon, NC around 6 p.m. on April 11 when a severe weather front arrived abruptly, causing the wind to gust from about 15 mph to 35 mph in a matter of seconds. 

The sudden turbulence swept up Holman, who then fell approxiamtely 40 feet and was dragged across the water by his kite; he was face-down in the water by the time help arrived.  

Carl Giordano, marketing director of Hatteras-based company Real Watersports, claimed that Holman’s only mistake was neglecting to get out of the water before the weather front arrived. “The weather came in fast–you could see it on the horizon,” he said, “[but] that front was predicted all day.” 

The incident, which is the first fatal kiteboarding accident on Hatteras Island, serves as a cautionary tale to all watersports enthusiasts who court the volatile weather of the Outer Banks.


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