According to the Virginian Pilot, 69 year old Robert Holloway stepped in a pile of dog feces, and badly hurt his back about a year ago at the Jefferson Avenue PetSmart.

It was reported that he “didn’t fall to the floor after stepping in it, but his body twisted violently and he smacked his head against something nearby.” As a result of hitting his head, he also knocked out four of his false teeth.

Now Mr. Holloway is suing the chain for $1 million.  According to NBC Washington News, the suit was filed in US District Court.

A PetSmart spokesperson stated that pet accidents are quite a common occurance since owners are allowed to bring pets in the stores while on a leash.  They also said for this reason they have “oops” stations within the stores for clean up by trained employees, and encourage owners to clean up as well.

In 2008 a similar lawsuit that was filed by a woman who slipped and fell in dog urine at the same store. The suit was dissmissed due to the lack of evidence that an employee knew it was on the floor.


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