A national cosmetic surgery company, Life Style Lift, may be engaging in life-threatening operations, based upon the death of a patient who underwent a procedure in a Massachusetts clinic.

Dona Ames had gone into the Waltham, MA clinic in order to undergo cosmetic surgery that, according to the slogan of Lifestyle Lift, would “transform your life.” Tragically, just minutes after being administered a local anesthesia injection, Ames suffered a drastic drop in blood oxygen levels and ended up brain dead; she was taken off life support a week later and died, leaving behind three children.

The company, which had recently paid out $300,000 to New York State for publishing false consumer reports on various websites, claimed that the procedure was safe due to its use of local rather than general anesthesia. Local anesthesia merely numbs a single location of the body, while the riskier general anesthesia puts a patient all the way “under.”

An inspection of the Better Business Bureau website reveals Life Style Holding has received 89 complaints from consumers in the last three years; 76 of them were related to “Problems with Product/Service.”

Tragic and terrible events like Ms. Ames’ death are made all the more so when one considers that medical professionals are supposed to exercise the utmost caution and consideration when treating their patients. Medical procedures can be risky and life-threatening, and there are no excuses when a doctor or medical official acts negligently and without paramount concern for their patients’ well-being.

If you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice that has left you injured or suffering, you may be scared, confused and unsure of what steps to take next. My personal injury firm, located in Virginia, has handled many cases involving medical malpractice, and both my lawyers and I know how to fight against the doctors and professionals who attempt to avoid responsibility for harming you in the case of a medical error or injury.

If you’ve lost a loved one in a medical situation, as Ms. Ames’ three children lost her, I am truly sorry; I have seen too many times the pain that comes from a family torn apart by such circumstances. While no settlement or compensation can bring back a loved one, or replace them in your lives, a wrongful death suit can help with the financial side of the tragedy; you shouldn’t have to worry about finances during such a terrible time.


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